Vimdex is the measure of how much energy you have available at any given time. It is a numeric expression of how you “feel”, a subjective measure of your vim, vigor and vitality.

Your weight on the scale can’t determine your state of health and well-being. Vimdex allows you to express how you feel on a simple 0-10 “scale”.

In our crazy world, Vimdex makes sense. We need to address our fatigue problem, not our fat. Instead of obsessing over weight, focus on energy.

If you feel less than energetic as you go through your day, do you have any idea why?

Not enough sleep? Too many people depending on you? Impossible deadlines? Worried about pretty much everything?

So how do you get your energy back? Learn where the leaks are and how to prevent them. Learn where you give your energy away and regain control of where you choose to invest your energy.

Vimdex is the perfect tool to measure how you feel. It gives you a starting point to determine your own next best steps to help you feel better every single day.

Now is the time to start the conversation. Talk with your body – Listen to what it has to say. Look within.

Think of all the energy you waste obsessing over how you look and how much you weigh. Letting that go is a good first step.

Walk away from the scale. Focus on your energy.

Because it’s what you don’t see that matters most.

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