take back your power!!Your Body is Your Business. No one else should have the power and authority to take that away from you.

The choices you make with your body are yours – not some group of white men in suits deciding what’s best for you and making it the law. You’re angry. Your rights are being violated. Are you aware that you may be participating in an act that allows someone else dominion over your body? It is a subtle, seemingly inconsequential act – but not if you examine it in a different light.

While you may find it hard to believe – this common, simple act reinforces a societal expectation that prevents you from standing in your own power. You surrender power and authority over your body – placing it into the hands of industries who have no interest in you, your health or your well-being – they simply are only interested in your money.

Billions of dollars are spent by the diet, fitness and health industries to convince you to buy what they have to sell. And they are selling an illusion of “happiness”. It comes in the form of thinness. If you believe this mythology, then they control you.

Every time you step on a scale, you buy into their message and are giving them power over you and your body. You may be shaking your head – “no no no” – yet you know it’s true. When you weigh yourself, you respond to the falsehood (alternative fact), that in order to be healthy or attractive or whatever desirable adjective, you must be a certain size or weight.

When the number on the scale determines how you feel about yourself, whether positive or negative, you have just given away power and authority over your own body.

How is this possible?

If you believe that your weight is related to anything other than your relationship with gravity, you’re living in the post-truth world, deluded and vulnerable. You’ve been fed a load of BS and the sooner you can let that shit go, the better off you’ll be. Stop playing their game!

It’s time for your personal rebellion against the system. It’s time to reclaim the power and authority over your own body.

Our rebellion begins when we step away from the scale. We must refuse to let anyone else decide what our bodies need based upon their opinions, and alternative facts!!

If you are concerned about your health – it is not your weight that will make you sick – it is your belief that it will. That is the foundation of A New BMI. It is the relationship between your body and mind that determines health far more than the relationship between height and weight. What you think about your body and how you treat your body determines how healthy and vital you are.

Stop buying into the nonsense that makes you think that your weight determines your health. Only you can determine how well you feel and if you are relying on a number from the scale to provide you that feedback, you have lost touch with your own body.

Take back the power and authority over your body and your physical well-being.

Stop focusing on weight – Step away from the scale – Be a rebel !!

Make this your personal declaration of independence:

“I will not let anyone else have dominion and control over my body.

I will no longer allow myself to be defined by a number on a scale.”


What more can you do to reclaim your personal power? Stay tuned to my blog – I’ll be posting again soon.

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