Your path to well-being begins right here and now. Your first step to feeling better is knowing that change is necessary. When the “old” way isn’t working, when you are frustrated and when you realize that there has to be a better way, you are ready to start your journey to health and well-being.

Take the road less traveled… and know that there is a better way.

A New BMI came into being to provide an alternative approach to achieving optimal health, an easy method of learning how to combine the proven health benefits of both physical activity and mindfulness meditation. This approach encourages self-responsibility and self-care. It’s all about changing your mind, changing your outlook and changing your perspective.

You’ve been led to believe that weight loss is your path to health. Many diet and exercise programs are based on that belief. As a result, you measure your health and your self-worth by that number on the scale. But the scale is incapable of providing a true measure of your health and certainly not your self-worth! You are so much more than a number on a scale!

A New BMI is a new beginning, a new perspective on what it means to be healthy. When you begin to measure your health and vitality based upon how you feel instead of how much you weigh, you are embracing the philosophy of A New BMI.

Have you ever considered that it’s not your body you need to change, it’s your mind?

Here’s what you want:

  1. more energy
  2. less stress
  3. fewer aches and pains

Here’s what you think you need:

  1. to lose weight
  2. to go on vacation
  3. to marry a millionaire (ok – maybe not)

Here’s what A New BMI will do for you:

  1. help you have more energy
  2. help you deal with stress
  3. help you feel better now

And you won’t have to:

  1. count calories
  2. go to the gym
  3. hurt

Think of Body Mind Intentions as an 8 week vacation from the craziness of dieting. Eight weeks to take a personal break from what you “think” is the the path to health, and instead, to discover the truth about diet, exercise and the old BMI.

Consider the following…

1) the longer you obsess over your body weight, the heavier you are likely to become.

2) dieting leads to more weight gained than weight lost.

3) exercise is not a weight loss tool.

What you believe determines how you think, which in turn impacts how you feel. A New BMI gives you a fresh perspective on the incorrect beliefs that are influencing your current thoughts and behaviors. Stop believing that it’s your body that needs fixing and realize it’s your mindset that needs changing.

Take the first step towards feeling better with the body you now have. Learn how to move your body and quiet your mind with Body Mind Intentions, my eight week program to feeling better and having more energy.

It’s time for A New BMI!