When you know you want to do something that makes a difference, but you just don’t know what to do… consider one small act. Make today the day that you no longer buy into “alternative facts”, but recognize the truth – how much you weigh is not who you are. Your personal act of rebellion is to stop worrying about your weight and pay attention to your body from an energetic perspective. One small act… HUGE impact!!

Join our rebellion. Step away from the scale now!

We already know that the old BMI can’t measure health, we therefore refuse to respond to “messages” that were created by powerful industries to make us believe that our self-worth is in any way related to our body weight or size. The word “fat” no longer holds any power over us and will never again be used to shame us or keep us in our places.

Our energy is needed elsewhere to keep us strong and grounded in truth. We cannot afford to mismanage it at this time. We must stand firm in who we are and the values we wish to uphold.

In order to enjoy optimal health and well-being, we are called to live in harmonious connection with self, others and our earth. A New BMI encourages us to begin to connect to body and protecting our strength and energy.

In these uncertain times, our health, both personally and collectively is suffering. Managing our energy through managing our stress is vitally important, yet while we continue to remain vigilant (which is admirable), our energy is escaping us. We wonder what we can possibly do to make a difference.

Our energies have been consumed with anger over recent events and worries about what the near future holds. We are further agitated by the feelings that we have little or no control over what is happening before us. We have been drawn into a battle of “us” vs. “them”, feeling separate and alone. We feel overwhelmed and tired. The very thought of rebellion exhausts us.

It’s time we reclaim our power, to shore up our personal energetic accounts, to prepare to fight for what we believe in. We must remain strong and grounded. If our minds are in overdrive, if we continue to pour our energies into the past and future, we remain weak and powerless.

Here’s some suggestions to help bring your energy back into present time. Find ways to connect with others. Get out and enjoy a walk in nature. Capture a few quiet moments of reflection just for you. Pay attention to what your body needs from you. Your health and well-being depend upon it.

Self care is needed for our collective healing. Please take care of yourself. Watch your energy. Try to preserve and protect it – for your own good and for the greater good.

Let’s begin with one small act of personal rebellion – step away from the bathroom scales. Then – use Vimdex regularly to take a personal account of your energy. Ask others about their Vimdex to support them in their efforts to manage their energy as well. We are all in this together! Stay strong!

I am excited to report that plans are underway to offer “Three Weeks to A New BMI”, how to feel better in a post-truth world. Stay tuned because I’ll be announcing soon how you can participate and benefit from learning more about your Body Mind Intelligence, for free.

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