My passion is to help people develop a healthier relationship with their bodies, to understand what it means to be “present”, to listen and to pay attention to the needs of the body and to discover for themselves the “joy” of moving the body and quieting the mind.

The purpose of A New BMI is to educate, enlighten and inspire change from the current attitudes and beliefs about body weight and health and to move towards a greater awareness of how the mind influences the body. A New BMI promotes health as it relates to the interplay between the body and the mind, not between height and weight. A New BMI recognizes that health is determined by thoughts and beliefs, not by a number on a scale. From that viewpoint, I teach that taking care of the body requires the maintenance of a positive attitude and the ability to listen and pay attention to what the body needs, cultivated through physical activity and the practice of mindfulness.

Evolutionary in its Approach – Revolutionary in its Scope. Join the revolution!
It’s time for A New BMI!

A little bit about me …

I have spent nearly 30 years of my career in health and fitness helping people who struggle with their body weight. I have collaborated with many physicians, dietitians and psychologists while serving as Fitness Director for the Duke

 University Diet and Fitness Center, the Pritikin Longevity Center and for Structure House, each program highly respected and well known for providing comprehensive obesity treatment.

I have a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from East Carolina University in 1991 and have been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, International Dance Exercise Association, Aquatic Exercise Association and the Physicalmind Institute (Pilates). I have written and co-authored several books on fitness and weight control.

As a result of these experiences, my unique approach to promoting physical fitness and wellness has evolved. After observing the struggles of thousands who desperately wanted to lose weight, watching them succeed and fail, over and over again. Something had to change. So I changed.

I am unable to support the “diet” mentality anymore. Health is determined by your thoughts and actions, not by your body weight. The key to your feeling better is moving your body, and quieting your mind.

Your physical body cannot be isolated from the influence of your thoughts and the power of your beliefs. Therefore, if you’re committed to improving your health – you must be prepared to examine your personal motives. What we think truly determines how we feel – and those feelings impact our bodies.

I continue to develop specialized courses because I believe you can benefit from paying attention to your body from a mindful perspective. My programs and book present skills and insights to help you in your pursuit of optimal health and well-being.

I believe in creating fitness from the inside out – paying close attention to individual needs and capabilities. A New BMI provides a framework to meet your needs at exactly your level of comfort and capability.
With A New BMI, you will experience the “joy” of moving your body and the “serenity” of quieting your mind.

We should never allow ourselves to be defined by how much we weigh,
nor should the measure of our success ever be a number on a scale.

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