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A New BMI – Body Mind Intelligence™

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My book explains why Body Mass Index fails so miserably.
It explains how physical activity has such a positive impact on health and why inactivity is often ignored as a primary contributing factor to disease.  Based upon my extensive career in the diet and exercise industry, and my subsequent disillusionment with the status quo for the treatment of obesity, my experiences left me no choice but to create a new approach to enhanced health and well-being. From my observations of clients who so desperately struggled with weight and body image, I discuss the impact of focusing upon the scale and disconnecting from the body. My book offers an enjoyable and refreshing method of combining the practice of mindfulness with physical activity.

A New BMI is evolutionary in its approach  – and revolutionary in its impact.

An innovative and intuitive approach to creating health, A New BMI’s – body mind intelligence – purpose is to educate, enlighten and inspire change from the current attitudes and behaviors regarding body weight and to move towards a greater understanding of how the mind influences the body.  It’s time for A New BMI!!