Apparently, the end of the world could be upon us. There is no escape from the foreboding, doomed feeling that we are in immense danger and are completely powerless to move beyond its grip.

We live in a world of confusion. We know right from wrong, good from bad – but now the lines are starting to blur. Where is the truth? We don’t know what to believe anymore.

In a world of us vs. them – there will be no end to the confusion.

We feel separate and apart. That’s the issue we’re dealing with now. We live in the fear of what “they” can do to us. And that fear makes us vulnerable.

Our fears manifest in our bodies as we ready for any conflict and confrontation. The “fight or flight” response, in full force, prepares us to stand our ground or run away from it all. Fear creates tension and that tension leads to pain, fatigue, and sickness.

Our fears are literally “locked” into our bodies, waiting for release.

What can we do? I’ve found the following simple and easy activities to be incredibly helpful as I struggle with my own uncertainties about the future. Choose one or all to try for yourself and see how it feels. Just a few moments of intentionally slowing down will calm the storm of uncertainty that surrounds you.

1. Take a walk in nature. Or sit still in its presence.

2. Notice your breath. Notice your thoughts. Return to your breath.

3. Reach for the sky. Take a big stretch and open your arms wide and high.
Slowly move your arms down by your sides as you exhale slowly.

As we feel the connection with our bodies, with nature, and with the world around us we realize we are not separate. We are not alone. We are connected – not in fear, but on common ground. When the fear of “us vs. them” creeps in, take a moment to stand on that common ground.

Now – doesn’t that feel better?

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