Exercising for weight loss is like brushing your teeth to improve your eyesight.

It’s total nonsense.

The benefits of exercise are far greater than its impact on body weight – yet we miss the point every time we focus on the scale. Watching the scale cannot, does not and will not inspire change. We must somehow set our sights on what can and does.

What inspires you? Chasing the elusive, unrealistic “bikini” body on the cover of SHAPE magazine?
Or showing the care and appreciation that your body rightfully deserves?
Consider carefully. Your heartfelt response reveals exactly why you struggle with this.

You’ve bought into the lies told to you by a $60 billion diet industry that relies on your belief that you should be ashamed of how you look. Do you really prefer looking good over feeling good?

If you do – it’s time for the TRUTH. Are you ready?

Those who remain physically active live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life than those who remain sedentary. Truth.

Those who follow the perfect exercise program will have the perfect body. Lie.

Move – have more energy. Don’t move – feel sick and tired. More Truth.

Focus on energy, not on weight. Focus on what you have to gain, not on what you hope to lose. Stop turning joyous movement into another form of dieting torture.

There are a host of better reasons for you to move your body. I challenge you to make your own list whenever you see, hear or read about the positive impacts of physical activity.

Make a note every time you feel and experience the benefits for yourself.

Explore activities that motivate and excite you – not trim and tone you.

Choose to move – not because you have to but because you want to. Make it personal. It’s your body after all.

Choose to move – not for the calorie burn, not for weight loss. For you, your body and your life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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