I’m fascinated by the wisdom of the human body. The fact that the body is such wonderful and amazing creation, that it is so complex and that there exists a nervous system even within the gut. That when you have “a feeling in your gut”, you are not just speaking rhetorically, but you honestly have that feeling.

Do you trust what your body is telling you? Or do you choose not to listen? And when you don’t listen, what are the consequences?

are you listening - to your body?

are you listening?

Physical pain is the message the body sends when something is wrong. And yet, instead of listening and trying to determine what the body needs to heal – you may choose to ignore the pain or mask it with a painkiller. Think about it – you kill the pain or ignore it – Before you even try to decipher the message.

What are you missing when you choose to ignore the body’s messages? Are you trying to ignore what your body may be trying to tell you about what is best for you or your health? Do you really trust your body or the messages?

I have had clients tell me that they feel “betrayed” by their bodies, that they cannot trust their own bodies anymore. In order to encourage them to move their bodies, some connection with the body must take place.

Take care of the body, and it will take care of you. That is the message behind A New BMI: Body Mind Intentions. What you think impacts how you feel, so if you want to feel better, you have to be aware the thoughts and beliefs that may be negatively impacting your health.

Our thoughts and our beliefs have a tremendous impact on our health. Every thought we have comes with a charge that moves into our body and takes residence there at a cellular level. Our psychology becomes our biology.

What do you imagine happens when you have negative thoughts about your body? When you don’t trust your body and your body knows it? Is it possible that the body must find a way to get your attention? So that you will stop ignoring it, or bombarding it with hate and shame?

When you disconnect from your body and no longer trust its wisdom, it finds ways to get your attention. One way may be through physical pain or illness. Another way may be through amplification of the message. You become ill and then you ask what is wrong. Eventually, you have no choice but to stop and listen. How dire does the message have to become before you start paying attention?

When you hate and mistrust your body, when you believe that there is something wrong with it and with you – when you ignore it – the body has no choice but to amplify its message. The problem grows or the pain gets stronger in the hopes that you will have to pay attention to it. Ignore it and the problem doesn’t go away. It just grows bigger, it elevates the volume of the message. Are you listening? Can you hear what your body is trying to tell you?

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