We are constantly inundated with “new” diet programs and weight loss solutions. This morning I watched just enough of the Today Show to catch the segment on the schoolteacher who lost 37 pounds eating every meal at McDonald’s. Everyone’s mouth was agape in amazement as the teacher explained how he only ate 2000 calories a day creating enough of a deficit for him to lose weight. Yes, it is possible to eat at McDonald’s and lose weight. It’s just another confusing story about dieting and losing weight.

My personal opinion of morning “news” television notwithstanding, what makes this story worthy to broadcast? Are we about to witness a new advertising campaign that promotes McDonald’s as the next best diet plan? I’m going to make a prediction that we haven’t seen or heard the last of the McDonald’s Diet, as there is nothing quite as appealing as a new diet to capture an audience and make a few bucks for the food and diet industry. And no time like the beginning of a new year to roll out the diet and weight loss stories. The audience is hungry for it (pardon the pun).

We all like to start out a new year with the best of intentions and for many, that means losing weight. This year, like last year, will be different, am I right? Soo, this year, like last year, you will lose weight and gain it back. This year your willpower will see you through and eventually you will lose it, just like last year. Is this sounding familiar? Are you ready for 2016 to be any different for you?

This year is going to be different, because this year you are going to take an intelligent and sane approach. This year you are not going to diet. This year you will eat food that tastes good and is good for you. This year you will be active and enjoy it. This year you will start loving the body you live in. This year you will no longer obsess allow your size, your weight, your bmi or any other number to define you or your self-worth. This year you realize that who you are is worthy of respect and love and you will demonstrate it by taking care of yourself and making positive choices for you, your body and your health.

Congratulations! 2016 is going to be YOUR YEAR for positive change. Say Goodbye to unending dieting cycles that lead to unhealthy eating patterns and negative thinking. Say Hello to healthy eating and positive thinking.


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