Our thoughts are powerful, literally and figuratively. The more we worry, the more energy we lose. Because every thought has an electrical charge attached to it. Negative and fearful thoughts drain us. The more worried we become, the more exhausted we are. Our bodies and our health reflects our thoughts and feelings.

A New BMI teaches the strong energetic relationship that exists between body and mind. It is essential that we begin to recognize that our thoughts create how we feel and how we feel is reflected in our bodies. Fatigue can be both mental and physical and has the same effect on our well-being.

The definition of health is one’s physical or mental well-being. Vitality, by definition, is mental or physical vigor. Vigor is an active physical or mental force or strength. Health, therefore, is a state of being expressed energetically.

A New BMI proposes that we need to view health from an energetic perspective. How much energy you feel you have at any given time reflects your state of health and well-being far better than how much body weight you carry. As we rebel against the scale, let’s focus on energy instead.

Body Mass Index has always been a failure as a measure of health. A New BMI proposes the use of VIMDEX as the new and far more realistic measure of your personal health and well-being. VIMDEX is the measure of how much energy you perceive you have available at any given time on a 0-10 scale.

VIMDEX measures how you “feel”; it is a personal subjective measure of vim, vigor and vitality. It is more useful than scale weight to determine what the body needs to thrive and is a strong indicator that energy balance needs to be addressed.

If your VIMDEX is low, find out where your energy goes. Here’s a helpful hint – when you can’t seem to find your energy, look where your attention goes. Energy follows focus, be careful about where you might be losing energy by knowing where you place your thoughts and your attention.

A New BMI teaches that your health reflects the relationship between your body and your mind, not your height and weight. Learn more by reading A New BMI: Why Body Mind Intelligence Matters More than Body Mass Index.

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