Kindness is cool. Kindness is easy. Kindness is free. What the world needs now is a big dose of kindness.

Yes, but…

But what?

Kindness to others is the message we hear. Some may even extend that kindness to Mother Earth.
But what about to one’s self?

Wait a second…

Were we not taught the Golden Rule – to treat to others as we would want to be treated ourselves?

Of course.

But what?

But we have a problem – the lack of treating ourselves well. And I’m not talking about “executive time” or bubble baths. I’m talking about actually listening and caring for our physical selves.

I’m talking about how we manage to ignore our own body’s need for adequate rest or adequate food or adequate physical activity all in the pursuit of our “adequate” livings. I’m talking about our pursuit of happiness that has been sold to us at the cost of our very souls.

The body is tired. The body is hungry. The body wants to move.

The body wants you to listen, if only for a moment. Please listen. Sigh deeply and pay attention.
Your Body Mind Intelligence has a message for you. Can you receive it?

Are you listening?

This is our moment of kindness today. This is the moment we change the world.

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