The time has arrived!! Finally, we can stop fretting over the failure of Body Mass Index as a measure of health. A New BMI is here. Instead of focusing on your relationship with gravity (what the scale actually measures), you can focus upon healing and nurturing your relationship with your body, your Body Mind Intelligence.

A New BMI is a concept that is evolutionary in its approach and revolutionary in its impact. I spent twenty years of my career in the diet and exercise industry and from that perspective, I felt compelled to develop a new path to health without focusing on body weight. As an exercise physiologist, I know that moving the body is critical to maintaining optimal health for the body. I also realize that it is the power of your thoughts and emotions that ultimately creates your state of well-being.

The path to health begins with awareness and is cultivated through appreciation and care for your physical self. Body Mind Intelligence requires a positive attitude and the ability to listen and pay attention to what the body needs, through a combination of physical activity and the practice of mindfulness.

My new book, A New BMI-Why Body Mind Intelligence Matters More than Body Mass Index, is now available on Amazon. For more information go to this link on amazon.

Good-bye Body Mass Index – Hello Body Mind Intelligence!

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