Gentle Easy Moves (GEMs) provide a physical re-education for grown-up bodies, addressing the imbalances and discomforts that occur simply as a result of living in a stressful grown-up world.

Gemnastics is a refreshingly safe, simple and effective method to build a sound foundation for fitness, sports, and recreational pursuits.

This course emphasizes quality over quantity of movement and focuses on proper mechanics to enhance posture, balance and mobility.

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GEMNASTICS helps you :

  • Improve posture and balance while building confidence and trust in your body.
  • Become more physically active, with less risk of injury.
  • Redirect and relieve body tension so you can move effortlessly and easily.
  • Have more energy through moving the body and quieting the mind.

What you’ll receive in your online course :

14 Carefully Crafted Lessons – 12- 15 minutes which include :

  • Peggy presents a concept (Gentle Easy Musing) – covers topics like Gravity, Being Grounded, Body Mind Intelligence (A New BMI), the BAM Principle, and more
  • Peggy guides you through each Gentle Easy Move (GEM) to help demonstrate concepts
  • Peggy encourages reflection with Gentle Easy Moments of focused quiet time

4 Extended GEM Classes with Peggy – a collection of Gentle Easy Moves 

  • Standing GEMs – performed barefoot – 30 minutes
  • GEMs On the Floor – performed on all fours, sidelying, prone – 45 minutes
  • Seated GEMs – performed sitting down – 30 minutes
  • GEMs On Your Back – performed lying down – 45 minutes

Over 6 hours of guided movement, designed specifically to help you move better, feel better and have more energy!

Two FREE Moves