My latest course, Gemnastics for Riders, reconnects you to your equine partner by removing the blocks caused by your tension, pain and stiffness. Feel the joy and freedom that a balanced, confident seat will bring you and your horse.

Gemnastics for Riders
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In order to understand and build trust with horses, the human tunes in through her own body, paying close attention to subtle changes in rhythm or balance, even the horse’s flow of energy. Her body’s ability to work in connection with horses, especially riding, requires specific training with an emphasis on subtle body awareness and control, similar to that of dancers.

A rider must be highly attuned to subtle movements and changes from the horse, therefore the rider’s body must be supple and receptive. Because horses are already quite sensitive to subtle changes and shifts, a skilled rider needs the ability to be clear and precise in communication with the horse, without undue tension or unnecessary force.

This is why traditional exercise programs, which emphasize strength and stamina, may not completely meet the needs of those who train or ride horses. For example, building core awareness, not just core strength, translates to better riding. While crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts strengthen the core, without careful attention to counter-balance that effort, they also tend to create tension and rigidity in the body, which eventually impedes the connection between horse and rider. Rider aids become less precise and clear and the rider is less receptive to the subtle responses of the horse.

In addition, fear is a common enemy to both the horse and human. The question of “am I safe?” exists for both. The human has the responsibility of addressing her own insecurities, as well as those of the horse. Unfortunately, her fear may continue to reside in the body as tension. That tension interferes with performance, physically and mentally, of both the human and the horse.

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