Ever since November 9th, I simply have not been able come to terms with the election results. My emotions swing between anger to sadness, with occasional denial and rather intense mortification. I have friends who feel much the same way. Perhaps you are suffering too. I’ve even coined a term for these feelings- PIST! (Politically Induced Stress and Tension).

I am definitely feeling PIST. It drains my energy and makes it difficult to focus. It’s getting to be a real pain in the neck!

Fear and anxiety often appear in the form of stiffness and discomfort around the neck and shoulders. One way to relieve this tension is a simple repositioning of the head. Yes, of course it’s important that we get our heads on straight! Here’s a simple fix you can try right now. I’ve found it very helpful. It’s simple and easy with instant results!

Now that we have our heads on straight, when PIST feelings arise, we cannot be discouraged. We are simply having a natural response to those feelings of powerlessness that arise when circumstances over which we have no control begin to overwhelm us. It is our bodies going “on guard” against what feels like a personal attack.

This is called “fight or flight” mode. Your body does what instinct tells it to- be prepared to hit somebody or get the hell out of Dodge. Every fibre of your being is literally wired an ready to strike. When you are unable to act upon those feelings, tension mounts. Your shoulders go up and forward. Your fists are clenched. Your body takes on the shape of a boxer ready to punch away or a runner preparing to dash off.

The unknown is uncomfortable. Yet we must move on in our day to day lives. We must find a way to deal with these PIST feelings. Since hitting someone or running away may not be our best options, acknowledging our feelings is the first thing we need to do. Let’s give ourselves permission to feel PIST!

One way to deal with PIST is to release it through physical activity. When and if you can, go out for a walk. Spend some time in nature. Listen to your fave tunes. Dance. Stretch and move your body.

Disconnect from social media for a while. Cut way back on your news feeds. And whatever you do, allow your mind to be quiet for just a little while.

Stop rehashing and analyzing. Let that go for a moment. Breathe!

Taking small steps to overcome PIST feelings can begin here with A New BMI. If you liked getting your head on straight, you’ll love more great moves from my newest GEMnastics programme. GEMnastics combines Gentle Easy Moves with Gentle Easy Moments that help you move your body, quiet your mind and overcome PIST.

If you subscribe to my mailing list, I will keep you posted on when my GEMnastics programme becomes available. Meanwhile, let’s keep our heads on straight and feel PIST if we need to!

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